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Return to You... find yourself again through personal growth 

I believe in living life to the fullest with gusto and purpose!  I am a passionate professional dedicated to continual growth and the personalized development and transformation of my clients.  As a committed lifetime learner, I love to strategically activate growth in others.  My clients are inspired to challenging and fun transformations as they reach their next levels in life.

LIFE COACHING – It is my vision for people to live empowered, fulfilling lives packed with fun and purpose.   You can discover your greatness and significance.   Imagine yourself living with freedom, awareness, ease, empowerment and success. 





"Personal training with Anita has been such a wonderful experience!  I have regained so much strength and mobility after decades of not doing any exercise.  I have so much more energy and I know how to train properly.  Anita has been kind and compassionate to start with my beginning level and I am doing things I never thought possible!"

- Rose Wilson, West Kelowna

"My coaching experience with Anita has helped me to uncover some key energy drainers in my life that have been holding me back from succeeding.  I have greater clarity as to what I want in life and I now truly celebrate the original person that I am!"



- Kris Everett, Tulsa, Oklahoma



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Based in Kelowna, BC



Tel: 604.831.3600

zoom: COACHreimer



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